A History of the Formation of The Lodge of Dawn


In 1927 Excelsior sprang a daughter Lodge, Loyalty, No. 4971. It was unique among the Leeds Lodges in as much as it was the first in the city formed with the object of uniting, in the Craft, Brethren of both the Jewish and Christian faiths.


The success of Loyalty Lodge in providing the means whereby Jewish and Christian Brethren could practice Masonry in brotherhood and harmony owed much to one of the founders, W. Bro Leonard L. Zossenheim PAGDC, PPGW.

Such was the esteem in which W. Bro. Zossenheim was held that he was selected by the Founder members, chiefly from Excelsior Lodge, to be the first Worshipful Master.


So successful was Loyalty in achieving its objectives that it gave birth to a daughter Lodge,  The Lodge of Dawn, which was consecrated on the 22nd of September 1947 in the presence of the Provincial Grand Master, Sir Anthony Gadie, 23 founders including W. Bro. Zossenheim and 129 distinguished Worshipful Brethren and Brethren.