The Banner

The Lodge of Dawn Banner

On Tuesday 8th March 1949 W. Bro Samuel Henry Lyons presented the Banner to the Lodge. The Chaplain that night, W. Bro George Hall gave an address on the symbolism of the crest of the Lodge as follows;-

" The Symbolism of Dawn is depicted by three separate subjects shown in the centre of the crest.


The figure of Moses carrying the Tablets of the Ten Commandments represent the Dawn of Civilization.

The rising sun is symbolic of the Dawn of Creation.

The Square and Compasses super-imposed is Masonry Universal.

The Temple signifies the Dawn of Masonry.

The Laurel wreath binds the whole together and is broken by the two White Roses of Yorkshire.

Surmounting the emblems are the columns Doric and Corinthian with the Globes celestial and terrestial on top.

The motto FIAT LUX translated means 'Let there be Light'. "


by W.Bro Raymond S. Diamond PPGReg

It was not until I sat in the Chair of King Solomon in September 1995, with the Banner behind me, that I really took notice of it.  Previously, when I was Superintendent of Works I didn’t pay much attention to it – just used to carry it from the cabinet in the small practice Temple to the Large Temple (and most of the time the Dept. Supt of Works would have arrived before me and have done it).��

Suddenly I had time to study it, to admire it, to understand its symbolism, and to notice how threadbare and damaged it was!  

To repair or renew it was essential and I proposed that it would be appropriate to combine this with our Diamond Jubilee Celebration.

I sought the advice of a leading Embroidery Specialist whose husband is a member of Brook Lodge. 
She admired the original workmanship and detail, but pronounced it beyond economical repair!

Bro Simon Fellerman took some excellent photographs which I sent to several specialist companies around the country.  After receiving
quotations - all of varying price, I recommended to the Lodge Committee that we ‘play safe’, pay a little more, and entrust the commission of a new Banner to the Embroidery Department at
Grand Lodge. In October 2006, the old Banner was delivered to Gt. Queen Street to enable a replica to be reproduced. 

banner oldThe old Banner showing how nearly 60 years of use have taken their toil.


banner newOur spectacular new Banner!

After 10 months work the result is spectacular, and a permanent reminder to our future Brethren of our 60th Anniversary. 

The new Banner, in all its splendour was Dedicated by W.Bro. James K. Batty, Assistant Provincial Grand Master and the Provincial
Grand Chaplain, W.Bro. the Rev. Peter B. Miall at our regular meeting on Tuesday 23rd October 2007.

The Dedication Ceremony required a ‘Banner Escort’ which consisted of six Brethren, namely:-
Bro Timothy J. Newman
Bro Martin Myers 
W. Bro Gary A. Sadler
W. Bro Alan B. Brown 
W. Br. Stuart H. Ross PPSGD
and W. Bro Raymond S. Diamond PPGReg
The Banner Bearer was W. Bro John T. Lyons PPGSwdB

An explanation of the symbolism of the Banner was
delivered by W. Bro Eric I. Frazer PPJGW. 

Sadly, W. Bro Alan B. Brown passed away several weeks after this memorable evening.  He had been honoured by the Provincial Grand Master with the
rank of Past Provincial Junior Grand Deacon. 

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