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July 2018      

Brethren, I am aware that most of you receive a great deal of electronic mail from Lodge,

and included therein are many of the gems usually reserved for this presentation;

I therefore strongly urge you to read them before pressing the "delete" button to keep yourselves informed as to what your contributions are being used for. 

As a matter of information for our more junior Brethren, Masonic Charity is administered at a national level by the

Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) based at "Head Office", the United Grand Lodge of England (Grand Lodge) in London.

From here are funded the Masonic Care Homes, Connaught Court in York being our "local" unit, 

Educational support for children and Family of Masons, help with the costs of healthcare (the former Masonic Samaritan Foundation),

and financial help and support in time of need.

This is all covered in the handy yellow booklet given to all initiates at the start of their Masonic Journey, and they were distributed to many members last year;

if you haven't got one, please ask our Secretary, W Bro John Lyons, or me, and we'll try to obtain sufficient supplies.


At a more local level, the Province of Yorkshire West Riding, of which we are a part, has a sophisticated structure for the management of your Charity contributions,

through the auspices of West Riding Masonic Charities Ltd, who receive the monies you give via your annual contribution

and your purchase of raffle tickets at our Festive Boards; these latter contributions are sometimes given to a specific Charity of the Worshipful Master's choosing,

but you will always be informed of the beneficiary of your generosity when the raffle is announced.

The  WRMC distributes funds via Minor Grants of up to £5000, and Major Grants of up to £30,000; contained within the WRMC is the Provincial Grand Master's Fund,

which distributes money exclusively to non-Masonic organisations, which can include Registered Charities.

On a topical note, the minor grants for 2018 are to be awarded at the September meeting of WRMC,

and these are decided as a result of applications from individual Lodges; the Message is, if you have a favourite Charity with a project,

or know of a project which deserves funding, speak to me in the first instance, and we'll see if an application can be justified.

The destination of your contributions is in your hands, Brethren.



Major Grants are decided in February, and are presented at the AGM in Harrogate in May, so if you know of a suitable cause, again,

speak to me, the earlier the better, because a comprehensive case needs to be presented. 


Finally Brethren, on this subject, a couple of examples;

            The MCF approved a Charity Grant within our Province, of £60,000 over 3 years to Cavendish Cancer Care in Sheffield,

            to fund a full-time assessor responsible for designing individual packages of support for beneficiaries; the charity was given the good news as recently as June 14th

            Notified on July 3rd; the MCF has donated £25,000 to Plan International UK to help support 30,000 survivors of the eruption of the Fuego volcano in Guatemala


The bare message, Brethren, is to go online at, and,

where you can get all current charity news  without listening to me! It's all there, click the button! 


So, enough of that; let's change tack somewhat! 

Brethren, latest reports point to a reduction in charity support in our Lodges,

which I suppose is a sigh of relief that the Festival ended about a year ago with a £3m+ contribution to the RMBI from our Province,

including a massive £47000 from ourselves, over the 5 year span of the effort,

but of course this shouldn't mean that we spend too long congratulating ourselves and resting on our laurels!  

I have the responsibility of ensuring that the Lodge of Dawn does not shirk its duty, and that every Brother keeps to his charitable commitment as far as circumstances allow;

your contributions are voluntary and are received in confidence, but that doesn't mean that I will stop or reduce my efforts of "encouragement"! 

It is at this time of the Year, Brethren, that I start to get "twitchy", the half-way point,

and the August  shut-down looming,  and I start to look for who hasn't yet contributed;

as I have asked previously, please look and see when you made your 2017 contribution,

and make sure that you don't let the anniversary slip by, and if you didn't give in 2017, try to make a larger contribution in 2018 if you are able.


Finally; I wish to thank all those of you who have contributed without having been reminded, and especially to those of you who have set up standing orders for your payments;

I will, of course, urge you all to review your instructions  to ensure that you're not giving less than you wish this year! 

If any Brother wishes to set up a standing order instruction with his bank, it will be welcomed,

and I will have the necessary forms with me at every regular Lodge meeting, and will of course respond to 'phone calls, e-mails, carrier-pigeon messages etc.


Michael Rose

Your Charity Steward                                                                                                                        Back to Home Page